In the Middle of the Week: 1000 EUR + Jackpot


The play-off will take place every week on Wednesdays. The total prize pool is 1000 EUR +Jackpot, and it consists of two parts: prize pool of 1000 euro; each prize is played out on the Wheel of Fortune: three prizes by 100 EUR; two prizes by 200 EUR; one prize by 300 EUR and a Jackpot draw – ONE ticket drawn from lototron.

JP prize is 200 EUR. If the winner is not in the casino, the prize added to next JP draw after a week, i.e. next JP will be 400 EUR. JP maximum is 1000, i.e when JP achieves 1000 euro then it is drawn until winner is found.

Each period of the campaign lasts for one week starting on the week of the campaign on Wednesday at 18:00 and ends after a week on Wednesday at 18:00. Coupons are valid only for a specified period of campaign for one week.

To qualify for the prize, player’s attendance at the play-off is mandatory!

The amount of coupons earned for the draw player may find out from Slot manager!

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