Lucky Wednesday

3000 EUR Guaranteed

The promotion continues from January 1, 2020. The final of the promotion will take place every week on Wednesdays. The final starts at 21:00. The total prize pool is 3000 EUR (prizes are played out with 8 lucky boxes – each of it containing one prize):

2 prizes by - 200 EUR
2 prizes by - 300 EUR
2 prizes by - 400 EUR
1 prize by - 500 EUR
1 prize by - 700 EUR

Each period of the campaign lasts for one week starting on Wednesday at 18:00 and ends in a week on Wednesday at 18:00. For player to take part in the campaign, he/she shall obtain the coupon/-s (the coupons are issued for visiting our casino). Coupons are valid only for a specified period of campaign for one week. 

The more visits player has during the promotion period, the more chance to receive the promotional coupons (coupons are issued in the end of each gaming day among the players attending the casino during past gaming day). To qualify for the prize, player’s attendance at the play-off is mandatory. The amount of coupons earned for the draw player may find out from shift manager.

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