New Promotions at SL Casino Riga


Weekly promotions run at the casino every Wednesday and Friday

On Wednesdays the total prize pool is 1000 EUR + Jackpot, and it consists of two parts: prize pool of 1000 euro and 200 EUR Jackpot which is added to the next week if not drawn. Each prize is played out on the Wheel of Fortune: three prizes by 100 EUR; two prizes by 200 EUR; one prize by 300 EUR and a Jackpot draw – ONE ticket drawn from the barrel. Jackpot maximum is 1000, i.e when JP achieves 1000 euro then it is drawn until winner is found.

On Fridays total prize pool is 5000 EUR, each prize is played out with the wheel of fortune: two prizes by 250 EUR; 300 EUR; 400 EUR; 500 EUR; 800 EUR. Each prize can be doubled in an additional "Red or Black" game. If the winner of the prize guesses the color, he doubles the prize amount. If winner of the prize misses the color, or if the outcome is Zero, he receive only a half of the prize amount.

The more visits player has during the promotion period, the more chance to receive the promotional coupons. Coupons are issued after end of each gaming day among the players attending the casino during past gaming day.

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